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KSFR Interview

Kate was on KSFR! She talks about being prepared – paying attention now so that later works out better. Take a listen. http://traffic.libsyn.com/livingfromhappiness/LivingFromHappiness_7_18_2015.mp3

/ October 1, 2015

You’ll Probably Want To Stop Working Someday

It’s tough not to buy stuff. Clothes, trips, electronics. There’s cool stuff to buy and do. Most people think they are immune to advertising and marketing, but marketers know differently. For the record, most people also think they are better...

/ September 27, 2014

You Need A Plan – Even If You Think You Don’t

The word “planning” scares a lot of people. I understand. In a general sense, it can suggest that you’re removing spontaneity, those unexpected events that can become life turning points, lifetime memories or a lucky break. None of us want...

/ January 15, 2014