Scaling a Service Based Business – Podcast with Jake Carlson

LISTEN HERE Episode Summary: Scaling a Service Based Business with Kate Stalter Take care of yourself first How to scale a customer service based business? Build a team that highlights everyone’s strengths You must have systems in place Discussion of emotional...

/ August 4, 2017

Investing From The Heart Doesn’t Have To Drain Your Wallet

For socially conscious investors, the idea of “investing from the heart” sounds appealing. The phrase conjures up ideas of only supporting companies whose ethics and values align with our own, and avoiding those engaged in businesses we find distasteful, dangerous...

/ July 12, 2017

Vroom Vroom Veer with Jeff Smith – Podcast

Kate Stalter Vroom Veer Stories Dad worked for Eastman Kodak when during her childhood; they moved often Majored in English for undergrad; attended Columbia Film school for one semester; it was dumb Started working various jobs as a journalist; continued...

/ June 19, 2017

Are you prepared for the next market crash?

If you pay even the slightest attention to stock market news, you probably know that U.S. equities have been rallying to new highs. If you are invested in the market, that’s good news. But many of you remember the lyrics...

/ June 5, 2017

ATM Episode 21: Life Money Mastery with Stephen Daney

LISTEN HERE Today’s guest, Stephen Daney, has been helping people to manage their debt and also to manage some of their emotional issues around money, for a really long time. Kate points out that lately, there is more awareness about...

/ May 30, 2017

New Mexico Business Forum – Podcast

LISTEN HERE Kate Stalter of Better Money Decisions has a unique blend of professional experiences that make her stand out among financial advisors.

/ May 22, 2017

The ABCs Of Using Your Retirement Account For Charitable Giving

One of our firm’s clients is a husband and wife named Bonnie and Clyde. Really, those are their actual names. Bonnie and Clyde – or B&C, for short –  are very generous people and recently came into the office to...

/ May 17, 2017

Confirmation bias can be costly

Do you tend to read and watch news sources that support your viewpoint? Do you find yourself agreeing with media pundits who validate an opinion you already hold? This is especially obvious in today’s political arena, with liberals gravitating to...

/ May 1, 2017

How to avoid the financial pitfalls of business success – Business Owners Radio Podcast

LISTEN HERE Lorraine Ell, CEO of Better Money Decisions, and President of Excellat Consulting, shares insights she has gained from over two decades in the financial service industry helping business owners build successful practices. Learn about the three primary financial...

/ April 27, 2017

Start Investing NOW! Don’t Wait! – Victory Independence Podcast

Kate Stalter is here to help us understand the importance of diversifying your portfolio not just with national stocks but international as well. Kate tells us why it crucial to invest sooner rather than later and shares some useful information...

/ April 20, 2017